The Public Library Project

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30 April 2014   14.00 – 18.00.   

@ MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, Righton Building, 1st floor, Cavendish Street, Manchester M15 6BG.

The Public Library Project

As academic researchers engaged in the production and distribution of knowledge, we are concerned with the increasingly restricted access to that knowledge; education is being privatised, libraries and archives shrink their collections or close down because of financial cuts. The internet, which once heralded ease of access to knowledge, is now subject to control under the pretexts of national security and for profit. What does the future hold for our access to knowledge?

In this second event of Common Senses, the cultural researcher Marcell Mars will explore the significance of documentary heritage, the need to preserve it and to maintain universal access to it. He will present The Public Library project which proposes an emancipatory infrastructure where everyone can be a librarian – sharing books, sharing interests and sharing knowledge.

Marcell will also run a workshop on digitalising and sharing libraries.



Marcell Mars (aka Nenad Romić)is an advocate for free software, a cultural researcher and a social provocateur. He is the founder of the Multimedia Institute – mi2 and net.culture club mama in Zagreb. He has curated and participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA.


Useful Links:

Marcel’s project.

download software that allows you to gather, collate and redistribute knowledge.

very exciting new library initiative  based in Manchester.

curated art, media and literature.

excellent source for all that is avant-garde, curated by Kenneth Goldsmith.

Key sites for sharing literature, and as Marcel envisages it, becoming a librarian.



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